Gen #4: We’re Actually Still Playing!

Hey everyone- our Sims 4 adventure is moving right along as Kayla and I move through the apartments on our challenge list. I realized we haven’t really mentioned how the actual legacy has been going, so here’s my summary so far! As of gen 4 Kayla and I both are in VIII Landgraab (a serviced apartment which is definitely making me lazy) and while I have a cool $50,000ish in savings Kayla is destroying me with something like $100,000 in the bank. I’m not really how she did it so I’m just going to accept that she’s clearly crushing it and leave it at that. So, with that out of the way, here’s our new generation of hotties!


Trinity Witt: Friend of the World

  • Genius
  • Foodie
  • Geek


Sloan Volkov: Musical Genius

  • Creative
  • Music lover
  • Vegetarian

We’ll see what shenanigans await! Although, whatever happens is probably nothing compared to whatever shit the woman in the featured picture for this post got into…..weirdest one night stand ever.


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