The 3rd Generation: Blondes vs Gingers

Well here they are! The third generation of this city saga features a redhead with a normal nose (I know, it’s a goddamn miracle after Mercy) and a cute blonde guy with an equally cute bro boyfriend. Without further ado, check out the new dolls- I mean, Sims….


Clemency Witt: Successful Lineage

  • Neat
  • Insider
  • Ambitious


Holden Volkov: Fabulously Wealthy

  • Self Assured
  • Outgoing
  • Good
Both Clemency and Holden did pretty well in the romance department- Holden managed to pull down this cutie, who he then impregnated with some weird Sims science and logic. Let’s just pray the poor man had a C-section and be done with it.
Clemency went down the more traditional path, which equated to meeting a hot guy while at work who liked her dorky-ness and easy access (get your mind out of the gutter, they happened to be neighbors as well as coworkers.) Cue the adorable park wedding that happened to be the place her mom, Mercy, kissed her wife for the first time!
To be honest, while the wedding was nice Clemency soon found that the allure of a quiet moment enjoying a nice view and a piece of toast was better than any romance when you have a few babies running around the house, asking to go to the park….
Our next post will introduce gen 4 (ooOOooooOOOo) and with it, the recent update adding toddlers to the game! Kayla and I are super excited that Origin finally got their shit together long enough to make it so that infants don’t leap from their cribs and morph into children midair, right in front of their terrified parents. Stay tuned!

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