Smells like Sim Pheromones

So as I mentioned in the last posting, this second generation has essentially ran their course in our legacy (this is code for ‘Amanda hasn’t updated the blog with 2nd gen stuff even though we’re almost on 4 now’). That said, they definitely had some romantic moments before they turned into some Sims’ grandparents.


After some failed romantic ventures with awkwardly proportioned townies Mercy met while attending the occasional Flea Market or Spice Festival (Who the hell has swarthy Aladdin level good looks paired with an underfed ET body? That’s some bullshit right there) Mercy realized love was living right next door. And this love was in the form of a smokin’ hot redhead who looked slightly asian and had a killer bod.


They inevitably aged into an adorable married old lesbian couple who loved reading together in their vintage bedroom, far away from the 3 noisy brats they voluntarily birthed for some reason that they can’t currently remember.


Speaking of brats, Dexter was also getting his action on with a cute girl next door type. Here he is in his doctor cosplaying outfit (he never went to college, do not let this man actually vaccinate your children) checking for the gender of his wife’s baby. Unfortunately, what he was unable to see was the second baby holed up in there. Maybe skipping that PHD wasn’t such a great idea, Mr. Doctor Man.

New pictures of our generation 3 heirs are upcoming, so stay tuned!


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