Babymakers, Volume 2: The Next Generation

Some Sim time has gone by and here we are with generation two! Admittedly in both Kayla and my game these two are already dead/elders and the third generation is chomping at the bit (in progressively nicer apartments) but let’s pretend they just hit young adult for the sake of suspense and laziness. Here they are: Mercy Witt (mine, and she has a giant nose) and Dexter Volkov (Kayla’s). If it isn’t immediately obvious Kayla is going for a Russian theme (Dexter’s kind of a dick, Putin would be proud) and I have less of a theme and more of a commitment to naming people after virtues for this legacy. Sims are fun.


Mercy Witt – Bestselling Author

  • Athletic
  • Genius
  • Foodie


Dexter Volkov – Mansion Baron

  • Perfectionist
  • Hot Headed
  • Ambitious (Kayla first accidentally told me his trait was ‘ambiguous’…..way better)

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