Gen #4: We’re Actually Still Playing!

Hey everyone- our Sims 4 adventure is moving right along as Kayla and I move through the apartments on our challenge list. I realized we haven’t really mentioned how the actual legacy has been going, so here’s my summary so far! As of gen 4 Kayla and I both are in VIII Landgraab (a serviced apartment which is definitely making me lazy) and while I have a cool $50,000ish in savings Kayla is destroying me with something like $100,000 in the bank. I’m not really how she did it so I’m just going to accept that she’s clearly crushing it and leave it at that. So, with that out of the way, here’s our new generation of hotties!


Trinity Witt: Friend of the World

  • Genius
  • Foodie
  • Geek


Sloan Volkov: Musical Genius

  • Creative
  • Music lover
  • Vegetarian

We’ll see what shenanigans await! Although, whatever happens is probably nothing compared to whatever shit the woman in the featured picture for this post got into…..weirdest one night stand ever.


The 3rd Generation: Blondes vs Gingers

Well here they are! The third generation of this city saga features a redhead with a normal nose (I know, it’s a goddamn miracle after Mercy) and a cute blonde guy with an equally cute bro boyfriend. Without further ado, check out the new dolls- I mean, Sims….


Clemency Witt: Successful Lineage

  • Neat
  • Insider
  • Ambitious


Holden Volkov: Fabulously Wealthy

  • Self Assured
  • Outgoing
  • Good
Both Clemency and Holden did pretty well in the romance department- Holden managed to pull down this cutie, who he then impregnated with some weird Sims science and logic. Let’s just pray the poor man had a C-section and be done with it.
Clemency went down the more traditional path, which equated to meeting a hot guy while at work who liked her dorky-ness and easy access (get your mind out of the gutter, they happened to be neighbors as well as coworkers.) Cue the adorable park wedding that happened to be the place her mom, Mercy, kissed her wife for the first time!
To be honest, while the wedding was nice Clemency soon found that the allure of a quiet moment enjoying a nice view and a piece of toast was better than any romance when you have a few babies running around the house, asking to go to the park….
Our next post will introduce gen 4 (ooOOooooOOOo) and with it, the recent update adding toddlers to the game! Kayla and I are super excited that Origin finally got their shit together long enough to make it so that infants don’t leap from their cribs and morph into children midair, right in front of their terrified parents. Stay tuned!

Smells like Sim Pheromones

So as I mentioned in the last posting, this second generation has essentially ran their course in our legacy (this is code for ‘Amanda hasn’t updated the blog with 2nd gen stuff even though we’re almost on 4 now’). That said, they definitely had some romantic moments before they turned into some Sims’ grandparents.


After some failed romantic ventures with awkwardly proportioned townies Mercy met while attending the occasional Flea Market or Spice Festival (Who the hell has swarthy Aladdin level good looks paired with an underfed ET body? That’s some bullshit right there) Mercy realized love was living right next door. And this love was in the form of a smokin’ hot redhead who looked slightly asian and had a killer bod.


They inevitably aged into an adorable married old lesbian couple who loved reading together in their vintage bedroom, far away from the 3 noisy brats they voluntarily birthed for some reason that they can’t currently remember.


Speaking of brats, Dexter was also getting his action on with a cute girl next door type. Here he is in his doctor cosplaying outfit (he never went to college, do not let this man actually vaccinate your children) checking for the gender of his wife’s baby. Unfortunately, what he was unable to see was the second baby holed up in there. Maybe skipping that PHD wasn’t such a great idea, Mr. Doctor Man.

New pictures of our generation 3 heirs are upcoming, so stay tuned!

Babymakers, Volume 2: The Next Generation

Some Sim time has gone by and here we are with generation two! Admittedly in both Kayla and my game these two are already dead/elders and the third generation is chomping at the bit (in progressively nicer apartments) but let’s pretend they just hit young adult for the sake of suspense and laziness. Here they are: Mercy Witt (mine, and she has a giant nose) and Dexter Volkov (Kayla’s). If it isn’t immediately obvious Kayla is going for a Russian theme (Dexter’s kind of a dick, Putin would be proud) and I have less of a theme and more of a commitment to naming people after virtues for this legacy. Sims are fun.


Mercy Witt – Bestselling Author

  • Athletic
  • Genius
  • Foodie


Dexter Volkov – Mansion Baron

  • Perfectionist
  • Hot Headed
  • Ambitious (Kayla first accidentally told me his trait was ‘ambiguous’…..way better)

The new babymakers- I mean, heirs!

Here they are! There’s Chastity Witt (mine) and Darby Volkov (Kayla’s). Both are well into their family life but have very different personalities other than both of them being city natives, which wasn’t planned. Here’s to seeing how each family tree evolves over time, hopefully with the exclusion of any giant nosed babies!!


Chastity Witt – City Native

  • Self-Assured
  • Music Lover
  • Kleptomaniac


Darby Volkov – City Native

  • Foodie
  • Snob
  • Art Lover

Back to Sims 4: City Living Legacy

Merry Christmas! Kayla and I left the last legacy die due to a bit of a Sims burnout, but with the release of City Living we’re back at it! This time we’re doing a legacy specific to the city expansion with some really interesting rules that should be fun to play out.

I’ve listed the full list of rules/apartments in the sidebar and at the end of this post (and on the sidebar) if you’re interested, but the main premise is this: go from cheapest apartment to the most expensive penthouse available for the challenge to end. Limitations include moving the moment you have first month’s rent and deposit. We’re allowed to give children whatever aspirations/traits we want (a departure from usual legacy challenges!) as well as having to fully furnish every new apartment before leaving and not being able to select “sell all furniture” when going to the new lot.


  • You must start with a single Sim fresh out of CAS – they can have any aspiration and traits that you wish
  • Move this starter Sim into the 1313 21 Chic Street Apartment, after they have moved in, decrease their household funds to §0. The apartment must be purchased unfurnished. (That’s right, you’re going to start off living in a completely empty apartment!)
  • You many travel to any world you wish in order to satisfy your Sims needs (for instance they can travel to the Willow Creek gym or library if they need to)
  • To earn money in the early game you may gather collectibles, rummage through trash along with all other traditional methods.
  • You may choose any additional lot traits that you wish, but the ones that originally came with the apartment when you moved in must stay.
  • No cheats except those used to decrease your money.
  • You must furnish the apartment that you are currently living in. It cannot remain empty in an attempt to save money. You are required to fully furnish each apartment before making sure you can move on to the next one. (By fully furnish I mean you need to have a the same number of bedrooms/bathrooms listed in that apartments info, as well as a kitchen, and every room needs to have a functional purpose)
  • You cannot move in a spouse/roommate until you’ve been able to successfully pay your first week’s rent and you have a place for them to sleep.
  • If your spouse/roommate moves in with a job, they must quit their job upon moving in and take a new one. You must also decrease the family’s funds back down to whatever they had prior to the spouse/roommate moving in. This will essentially make it so that the spouse/roommate doesn’t bring in any additional money.
  • You may only move in one spouse/roommate per generation
  • Your Sim is allowed to have children (via either birth or adoption) and you can pick and choose any aspirations/traits that you wish
  • You will be moving your Sim to every apartment on this list throughout the challenge (some are not included as the prices double with another apartment). You will start with the least expensive one (determined by rent + deposit) and work your way up.
  • Once your Sim has the first week’s rent and deposit for the next apartment on the list and they have fully furnished the previous apartment (ie they have furniture in every room and each room has a purpose) they can move on to the next apartment. You must stay in every apartment long enough to pay the first week’s rent. You cannot simply move into one apartment and then quickly move into the next if you can afford it! This will prevent the challenge from moving too quickly.
  • Every apartment must be purchased unfurnished. Your Sim must take the furniture from their old apartment with them and you are not allowed to choose to “sell all furniture” when you move. (You may, however, sell pieces of furniture as you upgrade to better items throughout the challenge. I just don’t want you selecting the “Sell all furniture” option when you move). Any furniture that you take with you can be used to furnish the new apartment.
  • Your Sim and their spouse/roommate are allowed to have any job they wish, or you may own a business/restaurant, or to make it more difficult can only earn money through a craft (painting, music, writing, etc)
  • This continues until your Sim and their family can afford to move into Torendi Tower (the most expensive Penthouse worth §109,445 unfurnished)
  • This challenge will only end once you reach Torendi Tower. If your founding Sim dies before this happens, that’s ok. The next generation will continue working on it.


Address District Rent/Wk Deposit Total Needed for the Move
1313 21 Chic Street Fashion District §300 §600 §900
19 Culpepper House Spice Market §600 §550 §1,150
17 Culpepper House Spice Market §400 §800 §1,200
2B Jasmine Suites OR 1310 21 Chic Street (Choose One) Spice Market or Fashion District §500 §1000 §1,500
18 Culpepper House Spice Market §600 §1,000 §1,600
920 Medina Studios Arts Quarter §1,000 §800 §1,800
930 Medina Studios Arts Quarter §1,200 §1,000 §2,200
702 Zenview Fashion District §1,200 §4,800 §6,000
122 Hakim House Arts Quarter §1,400 §5,600 §7,000
1010 Alto Apartments Uptown §3,500 §15,500 §19,000
VIII Landgraab Uptown §5,000 §25,000 §30,000
Fountainview Penthouse Arts Quarter §0 §33,768 §33,768
888 Spire Apartments Uptown §7,500 §37,500 §45,000
Old Salt House Spice Market §0 §50,448 §50,448
Torendi Tower Penthouse Fashion District §0 §109,445 §109,445


Bigger and better things: The Ugly Legacy

So, while we’ve been playing Sims for the better part of 15 years and have done our share of legacies, this is the first time we’ll be doing an ugly to pretty legacy! Now, on to Amanda’s founder, created by Kayla….the lovely Milton Monaghan!

Milton Monaghan

Gee thanks Kayla, he’s a real beaut! This eligible bachelor has a variety of promising traits including a hatred of children, not to mention his materialistic point of view and kleptomaniac tendencies. Considering he wants to be a serial romantic, Milton has some work to do!